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Discover Brussels.

Want to know more about the Belgian real-estate market ? Your move to Brussels has been scheduled but you don't know where to start ?  

We will show you the areas best suited to your lifestyle, activities, the education you want to give your children. You will have the opportunity to define your criteria with full knowledge of the facts.

Brussels, Belgium has established itself since the Second World War as a hub of power, a major centre of global politics. The de facto capital of the European Union, it is home to the EU and NATO headquarters. Almost a third of the Brussels population holds a foreign passport, making Brussels a perfect multinational and multicultural metropolis.

Its inhabitants enjoy a mild climate, low criminality and many green spaces. Indeed, with its parks and squares, Brussels is one of the continent's greenest regions. It also boasts remarkable architecture. The beautiful Grand-Place, a key tourist attraction, is surrounded by a remarkable collection of baroque, Gothic and Louis XVI buildings: as such, it has earned a place on the Unesco World Heritage List. Brussels has a rich architectural legacy. The city is especially known for its Art Nouveau buildings, a style brilliantly represented on the façades of some 500 houses, institutions, cafés and boutiques.

Brussels is divided into 19 municipalities. Surrounded by the 'little belt', a pentagonal ring road, the historic centre is the heart of the city, with its finely worked buildings and its cobbled streets. The Sablon is one of the most sought-after areas, and is famous for its antique dealers and its posh social scene. Artists and gallerists gravitate around this area which leads to the Brussels-Charleroi canal, where former warehouses have been transformed into modern lofts.

The municipalities of Ixelles, Uccle and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre are other destinations of choice for the privileged. Ixelles is home to prized neighbourhoods, including the picturesque area around the Ixelles ponds, which features fine examples of twentieth-century architecture. Uccle draws a stylish international community around small squares and medieval cul-de-sacs. Many homes have vast private gardens. The elegant municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is a mainly residential area with many parks and gardens. Several embassies are established there.
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