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If your plan is to invest in real estate on a short or long term basis, we can help you. Tell us about your expectations and together let's define an efficient and profitable strategy.

Investment in a brick: a sure value

Investing in bricks and mortar: a safe bet

Our 'investments' department makes life easier for you. We study all the available projects (before they are even on the market) and only propose the most pertinent to you, depending on your investor profile. 

Choose the one that best meets your objectives, in full knowledge of the market, its possibilities and profitability.

Building a patrimony

Building up a property portfolio

Buying a property to live in is a very different project than buying it to build up a property portfolio. We master both scenarios and can help you make the right decisions, ones which meet your expectations, your budget and especially your investor profile. 

Because money is not enough: it must be invested intelligently.

Optimise your investments

Optimizing your investments

Our knowledge of the Belgian market will enable you to benefit from prudent, sensible and expert advice if you want to invest in prestige real estate. 

We will assist you in the constitution of your file, will keep you informed of the urban-planning perspectives and of the development plans, depending on your investor profile.

Focus on challenging projects

Bet on bold projects

If you want to optimize your investment over the long term, we can make it even more profitable. 

Together we can define the transformations necessary to optimize your property … and you will no longer need to take care of anything. Renovation work, transformations, overseeing the site ... we take care of it all, from A to Z.
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