Last Thursday, 26th of October 2023, we had the pleasure to host the opening of "Contemporary Expressions of Africa" in our gallery in Brussels.

This exhibition features a thoughtfully curated selection of captivating African photographs and paintings by renowned artists such as Malick Sibidé, Seydou Këita, Jean-Dominique Burton, Cheri Samba and Philip Kwame Apagya.

We were thrilled to welcome photographer Jean-Dominique Burton, the artist behind a remarkable series of photographs featuring African tribal leaders, exquisite artwork, and a significant historical legacy.

For this special occasion and unique exhibition, Sotheby’s collaborated with Gallery FIFTY ONE, a gallery founded in 2000 in Antwerp, which specializes in fine art photography and works on paper. The gallery represents these works among other 20th and 21st century artists.

The association’s proceeds go directly to protecting and preserving endangered species in Congo’s Virunga Park.

The exhibition is accessible to the public until November 17th 2023.