We were lucky enough to have a preview visit of the former Royale Belge, Mix Brussels, guided by Lionel Jadot, overlooking the project.

At the crossroads of the bustling city of Brussels and the neighboring Sonian Forest, you find La Royale Belge. A treasured building located in the exceptional green setting of an 8 hectare park. Eager to embark on a new adventure: Mix.

Once designed by functionalists René Stapels and Pierre Dufau, yet thoughtfully done over, the building of La Royale Belge plays with volume, materials and light. New objects, designs and other castles in the sky were meticulously created by DDS+, Lionel Jadot and Zaventem Ateliers.

With a group of 20 clients, we joined Lionel Jadot for an exclusive visit before its opening, discovering this project before everyone. We ended the visit on the Mix outside with an onsite drink enjoying the view from terrace of the venue.