Thinking of moving to Brussels? Here you will find all the best neighbourhoods to live in. So if you don't know where to live in Brussels yet, details of the nine best neighbourhoods will be put forward to describe them as well as possible so that you can make your choice.

For families, young professionals or retired people, Brussels is a popular choice offering many advantages with its many job opportunities, excellent schools, good quality of life and ease of exploring every corner of the city due to its relatively compact proportions. On top of that, Brussels offers the opportunity to enjoy its exciting, festive and dynamic side.

Of the 19 different municipalities in Brussels, nine stand out, namely Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, Watermael-Boitsfort, Uccle, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre & Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and the European Quarter.


To the south of the city center lies the commune of Ixelles, which is centred around the vast Avenue Louise, a tree-lined thoroughfare with many exclusive shops and upmarket restaurants. Ixelles is lively, fun and trendy, always offering an activity or event to participate in. This corner of Brussels is overflowing with events, bars and trendy places filled with the city’s most avant-garde and posh residents. In addition, between the ponds of Ixelles and the La Cambre wood, residents have a number of pleasant places to stroll and get some fresh air.

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To the west of Ixelles lies Saint-Gilles, one of the most exciting emerging and multicultural districts in Brussels. The atmosphere is very similar to the one of Ixelles but with the advantage of lower prices. This neighbourhood is a real nugget for young workers who want to stay centred in a lively area with great places to go and great houses and apartment, without being too expensive.

On top of that, Saint-Gilles offers a fun nightlife and a lot of great events and venues with amazing architecture and trendy audience.

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Quieter and more peaceful than the previous districts, Etterbeek is the ideal neighbourhood for families and people looking for a residential area not far from the city center. This district is full of families and young workers.

Located close to the European quarter, where many expats work, this location offers good job opportunities, affordable living costs, easy access to public transport and many good schools. In addition, Etterbeek is a pleasant place to live thanks to its beautiful architecture, charming town houses and cosmopolitan cultural venues.


Watermael-Boitsfort, located south of the city center on the edge of the suburbs, is a popular residential area, known for its vast green spaces with the Sonian Forest, good schools such as The International School of Brussels and comfortable family life. It is also home to the famous Bois de la Cambre, one of the best big city parks in Western Europe. This neighbourhood is ideal for family life while offering good employment opportunities nearby.


Uccle, the western neighbour of Watermeal-Boitsfort, is a somewhat more residential and upmarket district. With its large houses, impressive architecture, picturesque shop windows and charming, leafy streets, Uccle can be described as a friendly neighbourhood where you feel at home. That said, although Watermeal-Boitsfort is easily affordable in terms of price, Uccle is a more expensive neighbourhood where you have to pay a lot for your piece of greenery as it is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Brussels.

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Woluwe-Saint-Pierre & Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre & Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

These two districts, located to the east of the city center, are green, upmarket and residential. With their large houses and gardens, these neighbourhoods are quiet and well placed in the city.

Although Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert do not have the nightlife and intense atmosphere of other Brussels neighbourhoods, they offer everything a family or young worker could want to have a good time, from parks and sports facilities to restaurants and shopping malls. They also have easy access to the rest of Brussels thanks to the numerous public transport services available. These municipalities are therefore good compromises for people who want to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful life in Brussels.

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The European Quarter

Situated to the east of the city center and close to the Parc du Cinquantenaire, this district is a pleasant place to live, with good restaurants, museums and exhibitions, pretty green streets and beautiful houses. The Place du Luxembourg, which forms the center of the European quarter, has many trendy bars and restaurants where workers meet for after-work drinks.

The district is also home to numerous embassies, the European Parliament and the European Commission. Indeed, the European quarter is full of important buildings and workplaces. So, for anyone who wants to work or works for the European Union, this district is the ideal place to live comfortably while being close to work.

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