The Maison Cauchie, one of Belgium's most important Art Nouveau buildings, is now available for sale at Belgium Sotheby's International Realty.

On the edge of the Cinquantenaire, La Maison Cauchie, the personal home of Belgian architect, painter and decorator Paul Cauchie, was one of the leading figures of Art Nouveau in Belgium.

A true architectural gem, it illustrates the contribution of mural painting to Art Nouveau.

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Built in 1905, this house with a surface area of ± 330 m², can be considered as one of the most beautiful works of Art Nouveau in Brussels. In designing this house, the artist sought to assert and enhance his taste, culture and position. The unique façade decorated with sgraffiti (façade paintings), gold leaf and wooden pilasters allowed the artist to spread and sell his talent.

Other pictures of this incredible house

The Maison Cauchie, built with noble materials, typically used for Art Nouveau architecture, is very linear and geometric. The sgraffiti on the façade and some of the interior walls, consisting of distinct stylised motifs, show a love of careful and detailed work.

Around the round window on the top floor is a fresco of a group of women representing architecture, fine and applied arts.