The design trends for 2022 have been revealed! For this year, some styles have been confirmed, others have made their appearance and old trends have resurfaced. Whether it's the selection of materials, the design style, the decoration or the lighting, Belgium Sotheby's International Realty will give you inspiration.

Curves and roundness

The objective for 2022 is to be daring. We must play with shapes, give them importance in order to give each room its own identity. Soft, rounded shapes are gradually asserting their place in interior design. Warm and reassuring, these curves are reminiscent of a woman’s curves, creating a cosy interior. This modern house in Brasschaat with a living area of 600m², offered by Belgium Sotheby’s International Realty, has armchairs with comforting and enveloping shapes that create a welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Ref: 4582128


This style is a sweet mix between Scandinavian hygge and Japanese wabi-sabi combining natural materials, sharp lines and uncluttered spaces. As you can guess, this style is minimalist, combining the feeling of a zen atmosphere with the coziness brought by these natural colours and materials. Thanks to its minimalist and sober style, this sublime flat in Antwerp, of 245m² for 970,000 euros, gives off a relaxing atmosphere from the Japandi style.

Ref: 4547059 –



2022, will allow lights to show their decorative potential. You don’t have to completely redecorate a room, but with the right choice of lamps you can give the room a whole new dynamic. These lights are works of art that help to style a room, thanks to their shape and originality, bringing the decor to life. Original, sculpted, decorative or retro lighting in bright colours, these are the 2022 trends. This luminous villa in Ohain has an unusual light fixture that blends perfectly with the room and creates a chic and harmonious atmosphere.

Ref: 4276043


For wall and floor coverings, the popularity of natural wood, which has been around for a few years, continues to grow, with parquet flooring, exposed beams and furniture playing an important role. In 2022, wood is also used in different aspects, whether dark or textured. No longer shy, wood has decided to show its true character by proudly displaying its raw and unique textures. From walnut to teak to acacia, these dark woods are gaining in popularity with their colours often combined with neutral tones, offering a strong personality to minimalist decors.

Apart from the strong presence of wood in all its aspects, raw concrete, white marble or black steel are still very popular but in a more sober way than in the past. However, we must not forget travertine, which is becoming increasingly popular. This natural stone continues to appeal to more and more people every day with its mineral and uncluttered aesthetic, whether for furniture, accessories or tiles.