We were fortunate to welcome cartoonist Midam with the Jump into Comics exhibition at our auction gallery. This event brought together two exceptional events: "From the House of Cauchie to Guy Dessicy, Hergé's colourist" and "Kid Paddle sweet 30!". ...

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From the Cauchie house to Guy Dessicy, Hergé’s colourist…

The private collection of Guy Dessicy, a comic book enthusiast, is a real goldmine for comic book fans. This collection contains rare and unpublished pieces, first editions of cult comics and original illustrations by big names in comics such as Hergé, Franquin, Peyo and many others. In the late 1940s, Guy Dessicy took over colouring the Tintin albums from Edgar Pierre Jacobs. He was apprenticed to Jacques Van Melkebeke, the later editor-in-chief of Tintin, and founded the Belgian subsidiary of Publiart in 1954.

Guy Dessicy, colourist and friend of the master of the clear line, thought of setting up a Hergé museum in the Cauchie House in the early 1980s, in the Art Nouveau style he had just acquired, that of the painter, architect and decorator Paul Cauchie. The death of his mentor in 1983 put everything at risk, and in 1984 he and some enthusiasts finally founded an association to rehabilitate the former Waucquez shops to create the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, the national flagship of 9th art, which is still active.

The Maison Cauchie, built in 1905 by Paul Cauchie and later bought by Guy and Léo Dessicy, is an important example of late 19th-century Art Nouveau architecture. For many years, the Maison Cauchie has hosted exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs, as well as cultural events such as concerts, conferences and film screenings. After Guy Dessicy’s death, the Maison Cauchie was put up for sale by Belgium Sotheby’s International Realty, and at the time of the sale, the owner’s archives were entrusted to Sotheby’s.

On display will be an exclusive drawing by François Schuiten illustrating this emblematic Brussels house.

This year, 2023, celebrates the centenary of Art Nouveau, an art and architectural movement that emerged in the late 19th century and influenced the art and architecture of many countries. Art Nouveau is characterised by flowing, organic and natural forms and the use of new materials such as glass and metal.

Numerous exhibitions and events will be organised in the year 2023 to celebrate this anniversary and make Art Nouveau known to a wider audience.

Guy Dessicy’s collection includes some 20 works that will be on display in the gallery of our auction exhibition from 8 to 14 February, and for sale in the online auction “Books and Manuscripts” in Paris from 22 February to 1 March 2023.

Kid Paddle’s Sweet 30!

Sotheby’s is also pleased to present the works of Midam, a famous Belgian cartoonist and screenwriter. His beautiful and humorous drawings and watercolours testify to his talent and passion for comics.

This exhibition has a special meaning for fans of Kid Paddle, who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of this cult character. Fans will get a look behind the scenes of this comic book and discover the original drawings by Midam, author of the comics Kid Paddle and Game Over.

Midam, whose real name is Michel Ledent, is a Belgian comic book author, born on 16 May 1963 in Etterbeek. At the age of 18, he chose the direction of his studies and focused on artistic specialities, first a year of interior design and then photography. He eventually earned a degree in illustration from the Institut Saint-Luc.

In 1992, Midam animated several columns in the Journal de Spirou, but it was only a year later that he came up with the character Kid Paddle. In 1996, the first Kid Paddle album was published. In 2002, the first Kid Paddle magazine was published, and a year later, a season of 52 episodes of Kid Paddle was presented as a cartoon in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. In 2011, Kid Paddle sales accounted for more than 7 million albums since the first volume was released in 1996.

Kid Paddle was born in 1983 and over the years, this iconic character has become a cultural phenomenon and captured the hearts of many comic book fans. The series features the wacky adventures of a boy named Kid, who has a passion for video games, and his friends. With its funny jokes and references to geek culture, Kid Paddle has reached a wide audience and is now considered one of the most popular comics in Belgium and France. Kid’s 30th anniversary is therefore an opportunity to celebrate a cult series and, above all, to relive its many adventures by discovering watercolours and unpublished records.

On this occasion, Midam’s works will be displayed in our auction gallery from February 8 to 21, A signing session followed by a snack was organised for the children on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 from 2-5pm.
The children were allowed to bring their favourite song and have it personally signed by the artist.
The children could taste cakes shaped like Blork and tour the exhibition with their parents.

Midam’s original watercolours and plates exhibited at Sotheby’s Brussels on the occasion of Kid Paddle’s 30th anniversary will be on sale in private sale throughout the exhibition.

Belgium is considered the cradle of comic books and has produced many talented authors such as Hergé, Marcel Uderzo, Peyo, Schuiten, Franquin and Midam. Belgian comics have a long tradition and a strong influence on popular culture worldwide and continue to develop today. Exhibitions such as “Jump into Comics”, which showcase private collections and works by Belgian artists, are a tribute to this cultural richness and an opportunity to discover it for comic book fans from all over the world.