In 2024, decoration breaks all conventions to embrace a unique expression. This year, designers deploy their ingenuity to present us a true spectacle of colors, shapes, and patterns. Decoration is approached intuitively, encouraging creativity and boldness. Here's an overview of the major trends of 2024.

Fun and creative decoration

Boldness and pleasure are the keywords of this new era. It’s time to explore extravagant, sometimes eccentric objects, whether by their silhouette, color, or texture. The goal is to create playful and quirky decoration, freed from conventions, while maintaining sophisticated design and unique pieces.

Noble materials and craftsmanship are favored, including marquetry and materials such as leather, solid wood like ash or walnut, as well as marble and bush-hammered stone.


An explosion of colors

Colors are at the heart of trends in 2024. Vibrant and intense, they unfold in blocks, gradients, or subtle touches. It’s time to see life in colors!

Traditional earthy tones are complemented by glacier blue, grass green, nude pink, and pastel yellow. The joyful spirit of the 80s is also felt with asymmetrical designs and primary shades.

A Return to the 70s

While the 80s take a back seat, the 70s make a strong comeback with psychedelic shapes and colors.

Chrome also makes its grand return with a futuristic look, adorning lamps, chairs, and decorative objects, contrasting with raw materials like leather and stone. Transparency, still inspired by the 70s, is also present, with materials such as smooth or striated glass, plexiglass, and polycarbonate.


Modularity and maximalism

Playful decoration also translates into a certain modularity. Coffee tables are mounted on wheels, and seating comes in the form of modules that can be arranged in different ways.

Modular furniture, initially designed for restricted spaces, now embodies a desire for perpetual movement, allowing one to adapt their interior according to their desires and trends. This trend is also accompanied by maximalism, marking the year 2024.

Comfort and comforting

Despite its modularity, furniture remains comfortable. Seats with round and organic shapes invite well-being and relaxation. Designs are fluid and enveloping, meeting the need for softness and comfort. The atmosphere becomes warm and enveloping, reinforced by soft lighting. Cushions, throws, and rugs bring an extra touch of softness and comfort, as does corduroy. Lacquered or varnished wood also contributes to this warm atmosphere, as do accessories with sculptural forms.

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Overhead storage

In contrast to organic shapes and maximalism, the wire trend mainly manifests itself on suspended shelves and some seating. Graphic and dynamic, wire is appreciated by many designers for its precise minimalism, adapting to all interiors. Perforated structures also allow light to pass through, creating beautiful shadow plays once night falls. Pastel tones, linen beige, anthracite gray, and matte black are particularly popular in this trend.