The Coppa delle Alpi 2024 crossed the entire Alpine arc in five stages, showcasing our brand on the "Vallet Service" truck. The 1000 Miglia launched the ambitious project of the Great Alpine Journey, with representatives addressing five main themes during the rally.

The Coppa delle Alpi 2024, which took place from April 28th to May 4th, traversed and shone across the entire Alpine arc in five stages: from east to west, starting from Trieste and ending in Courmayeur. We were fortunate enough to showcase our brand on the “Vallet Service” truck that provided technical support to all the “Belgian” cars among the 30 selected vehicles in the rally.


The famous 1000 Miglia decided to leverage the strength of its network to launch the ambitious project of The Great Alpine Journey, a path of reflection parallel to the race route aimed at representing the socio-economic, human, and environmental transformations of the Alpine macro-region. Representatives from various areas of interest and belonging to the nations crossed by the Coppa delle Alpi 2024 were part of the convoy that tackled the route. There were five main themes addressed: agriculture, craftsmanship, culture, energy, and tourism, which were matched to the different stages and rally passage locations.

The outline of the themes was based on a series of interviews conducted with a mix of local actors operating in these sectors, testimonials of best practices from other Alpine communities, experts in sectoral scenarios, and representatives of institutions, who provided the “narrative” of the issues around which to develop the reflections of those participating in the panels.


The Coppa delle Alpi concluded in Courmayeur with a Forum on Saturday, May 4th, summarizing the ideas and contributions gathered each day in the transition workshops and local meetings with stakeholders.


The classic car rally wound its way through numerous cities and villages in Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, where Sotheby’s International Realty partners operate in the real estate market. These included Trieste (Italy), Cortina D’Ampezzo (Italy), Seefeld in Tirol (Austria), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Gstaad (Switzerland), and Courmayeur (Italy). Each stage stood out not only for its picturesque routes and destinations but also for the high-quality content of the workshops and discussions organized.