Defining luxury homes took on a diverse meaning in 2023, as each month unfolded a procession of exceptional properties in Belgium.

Some exude modernity and sophistication, featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative designs that seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Others pay homage to classical elegance, embracing noble traditions and timeless decor.

These homes cater to diverse preferences, with some designed for extravagant entertaining, seamlessly blending refinement with luxury. Others are tailored for enlightenment, exhibiting architecture and design reminiscent of high art catalog pieces.

Belgium’s luxury real estate isn’t just about homes; it’s about creating personalized universes. These properties transform into private paradises, serving as ideal sanctuaries and serene retreats that artfully unite the natural and cultural elements in distinctive and inspired ways.

As we embrace a new year and reflect on the past, join us in exploring five exceptional homes that exemplify each of these styles, prominently featured in 2023.

Contemporary Villa

The height of contemporary luxury – enjoy modern living at this exquisite villa in Brasschaat Vriesdonk. Meticulously designed, the residence seamlessly blends elegance with cutting-edge technologies. The luminous entrance connects seamlessly to the garden, and the living room with an open kitchen and adjacent office offers panoramic views. A master suite with a private terrace, covered terrace, and an outdoor pool complete the modern aesthetic. With excellent accessibility to Antwerp, this villa epitomizes contemporary luxury living with unparalleled quality.

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Exceptional House

The allure of historical houses – a blend of historic charm and modern comfort.
‘Villa Les Iris,’ is an Art Nouveau gem by architect Jules Barbier – 1898. These townhouses seamlessly fuse practicality with eco-friendly sophistication. Nestled in Cinquantenaire Park, this residence invites you into a captivating blend of heritage and contemporary living.

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Maximalist Mansion

Experience opulence at its peak with this distinctive mansion style. Awaiting renovation, the property seamlessly melds traditional charm against the backdrop of the historic Abbey of Aywiers. With six bedrooms, seven baths, and two acres of picturesque land, the estate showcases a wine vault and scenic solarium. Discover the epitome of luxury, where extravagance gracefully meets serenity in every detail.

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Serenity Hideaway

This residence harmoniously fuses timeless allure with contemporary convenience throughout its expansive 850 m² of living space. Embracing simplicity and practicality as its foundation, every thoughtfully designed area evokes a tranquil atmosphere. Nestled in Seny, the estate showcases a pool, tennis court, and additional amenities, encapsulating an ideal blend of serenity.

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Belgium Sothebys Int. Realty 2023, Luxury Home Highlights

Timeless Sanctuary

In this timeless sanctuary, discover an enchanting estate surrounded by lush greenery on an expansive park with evolving forests. Meticulously renovated, this property embodies discreet luxury with inviting living spaces and five bedrooms, each featuring a private shower room. Beautiful materials, balanced volumes, and captivating charm define this enduring haven. With terraces and a pool overlooking serene grasslands, this property is a tranquil retreat in the verdant valley of the Hain, offering a perfect blend of history and nature in 2023.

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